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Why You Should Wear A Helmet When Climbing?

Climbing is one of the most thrilling outdoor activities I enjoy. It helps me to boost my stamina while I am enjoying the beauty of nature. However, just like me, you must also be responsible for your safety and protection during climbing. You need to have the right gear and equipment to have the best climbing experience. One of these gears is helmet.    

In this article, I will share with you the reasons why you should wear a helmet when climbing as I do. Let us find out the importance of wearing climbing helmets below:

Proven to be useful

Helmets are proven to be useful in different outdoor activities. Climbing is a little bit of a dangerous adventure. With that, you must always consider your safety to prevent injuries and other worse situations. One reason why you need to wear a helmet during climbing is to protect your head from danger. Helmers already saved many lives in different sports, so I always advise you to wear it during your climbing adventure. It is a good investment for your protection.

Prevent potential risks

Climbing comes with different risks like falling or flipping from a rope on your leg, falling and hitting the ground, and more. With that, you must always be ready to protect your head from different injuries that can disappoint you. If you don’t want unwanted costs due to injury, wear a climbing helmet.


Rockfall can happen as you climb. Even small rocks can be terrifying. So, you better wear a helmet to protect your head from rockfall.

Your safety

One obvious reason for wearing a helmet is your safety. Climbing is a risky sport. You can fall towards the sharp rocks. You can also flip around and get tossed upside down. If you experience a bad fall, your head can hit the rock wall. So, it is important always to wear your helmet to ensure your safety.

Outdoors is not like indoors

While indoors, you don’t need to wear helmet as you climb because there are foam floors, and the bolts are not far apart. Well, outdoors is not like indoors. In outdoors, you must be ready for possible risks. There are high chances that you may hit the ground. The holds can break wherein items can fall from above. There is also a problem with rope management. So, you need to wear a helmet to prevent these potential dangers.

Enhanced technology

Another reason is that helmets come with enhanced technology. With the help of technology innovation, you can now get helmets that have better and lighter ventilated designs. The standards for the back, side, and front impact can be improved with the help of technology. Helmets are equipped with innovative technology, so you can improve your safety and protection while wearing it.

Prevent head injuries

Take note that this sport is not worth dying for. If you don’t want to suffer from life-changing or die from head injuries, then you must have a quality helmet to save your life. You can hit your head on the rock wall, so you need to wear a helmet that can save you from injury.

Now that you have learned the importance of wearing a helmet while climbing, you can get the best helmet in the market. With that, you have the assurance that you can maintain your safety while enjoying your climbing adventure.

To guide you on choosing the right helmet for your climbing, I will give you the types of climbing helmets that you can choose from.

Types of Helmet

A climbing helmet is essential equipment for your safety. It can protect your head from falling things and hitting the rock as you fall. Your main goal in climbing is to enjoy a thrilling adventure and not to experience head injuries. Well, the following are the types of the helmet that you can choose from for your needs.

  • Foam Shell Climbing Helmets

It looks like a bike helmet. However, please don’t use your bike helmet to climb because it has different impacts. Foam shell climbing helmets are lighter but less durable than the rigid shell helmet. You must avoid sitting on it or throwing the helmet in your bag.

In buying this climbing helmet, make sure to get the one that can fit your head well. Thus, a sloppy fit can decrease the protection for your head. It needs to be adjustable to accommodate a hat. The headlamp attachments must match headlamp.

  • Rigid Shell Climbing Helmets

The Rigid shell climbing helmets are designed from hard plastic. It has an inner cradle of webbing or foam so that the plastic can sit away from your head. This helmet is more durable compared to foam shell climbing helmets. However, it can’t totally protect your head from side impact. It is also more affordable than the foam shell climbing helmets.


Climbing is a risky adventure. With this, you must have the right gear to ensure your safety. Wearing a helmet in climbing is an important factor in enjoying your sport. Instead of worrying about your safety, you can focus more on your sport. It will save you from the head injury, which is truly disappointing.

Meanwhile, there are many available climbing helmets in the market. So, you must carefully choose the best quality helmet to secure your protection on your adventure. You can choose from the types of helmets I have mentioned above. By choosing the right helmet, make sure that it can fit perfectly on your head. Do you want to have a safe climbing activity? What are you waiting for? Get your climbing helmet today!       

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