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Why Hiking is Good for You? 7 Benefits You Can Get From the Hike

Nowadays, one of the most preferred recreational activity of millennials and adults alike is hiking. Who would not enjoy taking long walks on footpaths or trails located in scenic terrains or mountains? Spending time being one with the environment is a sure way to alleviate stress and find peace of mind. Additionally, there is a deep sense of satisfaction when you reach the end of the trail or the peak of the mountain you hiked.

Why Do People Hike?

Hiking is one of the emerging hobbies all around the world. You might be wondering what is in hiking that attracts people to spend time outdoors, walk through muddy or steep trails, sleep on forest floors, and sleep through mosquito-infested nights far away from the comforts of their home? People hike for a lot of reasons, and it is not just because of the health benefits.

Hiking is seen as an escape from stress. Many try hiking because it is a leap away from their comfort zones and helps them forget for a while. Some like to meet new friends- whether other hikers or tour guides. Some climb to simply appreciate the beauty of nature and be one with the environment. Lastly, some merely do it for fun. Whatever reason you might have, hiking is surely worth a try.

The 8 Benefits of Hiking

  1. A form of exercise. Gyms have been quite popular in the city as a place to exercise. Improving your overall fitness using different sports equipment, intimidating gym members, and the overall concept of working out regularly makes it unappealing to some. Hiking offers a better solution. Your core is strengthened when you hike with your backpack. Also, your hamstrings, quads, hip muscles, and the lower leg are stimulated during a hike. You can exercise enjoyably.
  2. Increase Bone Density and Strength. Regular hiking helps in slowing down the body’s calcium consumption. The more calcium in your body, the stronger your bones will be. There is a lesser chance of breaking. It also helps lower the chances of developing bone diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis.
  3. Improved Lung Capacity. The more you breathe, the more active the lung is. Hiking greatly helps in improving the overall health of your respiratory system, thus lowering the chance of developing respiratory disorders.
  4. Lowers Risk of Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure. Studies have found out that walking strengthens the heart and lessens the risk of having a stroke by 50%. Additionally, those who regularly do cardiovascular exercises such as hiking are less likely to experience heart problems as compared to those who do not. It also lowers your blood pressure.
  5. Boost Your Stamina. Hiking is a form of aerobic exercise. The more frequent you hike, the more it boosts your stamina. You will find yourself going to longer hikes after a few trails. It also helps in treating natural fatigue.
  6. Improves Mental Health. When you get fixed in a monotonous activity for a long time, it harms your mental health. Seeing new sights such as what you will see during hikes can help a lot in improving your mental health. A simple walk outside can change your way of thinking. Imagine what else it can do to your mental health when you finally decide to hike.
  7. Disconnect. Hiking offers the chance to take a break from all the technologies and disconnect from the toxicity in your lifestyle. Instead, take the time to reconnect with nature and yourself.    
  8. Hiking helps in healing. Aside from preventing different kinds of health conditions and problems, evidence shows that hiking also helps the body recover from diseases such as cancer. One study believed that breast cancer survivors who chose hiking as their form of regular exercise helped in their cancer treatment recoveries. In addition, the International Journal of Sports Medicine’s study found out that hiking improves the antioxidative capacity of oncological patients, which greatly helps in combatting diseases. These findings are indications that regular hiking activities can help a patient fight off various diseases- a great activity to help those who are currently battling cancer or recovering from their cancer treatments. Hiking also helps in reducing the onset, progression, and recurrence of cancer in patients.

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