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What is Via Ferrata Climbing and Why You Should Try It?

You have tried ziplining, snowboarding, and skiing. Then, it’s time to bring up your experience with Via Ferrata. Perhaps, some of your friends have done this intense outdoor activity before. But what is it? Why should you try it, too?

A Brief Overview

Via Ferrata is a combination of hiking and rock climbing. The routes are mountain paths with suspended bridges, slopes, pythons, metal shafts, and other metallic structures for traveler’s safety.

Via Ferrata has been around since World War 1. But it has only become a popular sport for 20 decades now. If you want to take your hiking adventure to a different level, via ferrata should be on top of your bucket list.

Even if it does not require prior mountain experience, adventurous travelers need to be in good shape. Since we’re currently facing a pandemic, it’s a great opportunity to shred a pound and be physically fit.

Why Should You Try Via Ferrata?

Hiking, ziplining, and snowboarding are nerve-wracking. But via ferrata is a different case. Of course, you will be a bit skeptical about whether or not the activity is a good choice. It’s all right! Some of the reasons why you should try via ferrata are discussed below:


Repetitive adventure can be boring. Try something new and exciting, like via ferrata. As the level of difficulty increases, your heart will surely beat faster. If you don’t dare to face your fear, you still have time to change your mind.

Yes, doing the same adventure may not be interesting at all. But via ferrata is an exception. Just change your destination for a new and unique experience.

If you have done via ferrata in the Dolomites (Italy), there are other places you can explore. Popular countries include Slovenia, Germany, Barcelona, Belgium, Haute Savoie (France), Austria, Czech republic, Aosta valley, Andalusia, and more.

Astonishing Views

The oceans have stunning corals, while the parks have different rides. Concerts showcase talented artists. Via ferrata, on the other hand, allows travelers to witness picturesque views and alpine environments. While climbing on sides of mountains, you will see beautiful and world-class vistas you could not encounter from the ground. Don’t forget to bring your camera for documentation.


You won’t feel bored on a via ferrata. With the high elevation, rough terrain, and cliffs, an adrenaline rush is 100% guaranteed. Aside from climbing and hiking opportunities, there are other unique activities to expect, from free falls to zip lines. But don’t forget to wear safety and protective gear, such as a climbing harness, belay device, climbing rope, gloves, helmet, and via ferrata set.

Perfect for Everyone

While there are visa ferratas that require a past climbing experience, some are safe and suitable for people of all ages and skill levels. But careful and thorough research should not be ignored.


What makes you excited to try via ferratas? Probably, it’s the scenery. What else? The chance to meet new people and friends is another exciting experience. But wait, there’s more! Finishing the roughest terrain, cliffs, and mountain paths is another fun and great achievement you can have as a traveler.

Safety Tips for Beginners and Experienced Climbers

  • Don’t do the adventure when the weather is bad – Reschedule the activity. Your safety always matters, remember!

  • Invite a friend – Doing a via ferrata alone is not fun. Be sure to witness the beauty of nature with close friends.

  • Check the route conditions – Before you take a step, assess the route condition for your safety and peace of mind. A simple mistake can put your life at risk.

  • Proper gear is a must – Wear all-important gears, including harness, energy-absorbing systems, helmet, and more. For more information, ask a friend for help.
  • Enroll a mountaineering course – While this is often ignored by many, a mountaineering course can prepare you for a real battle. Yes, it requires extra costs. But the results are worth it and meaningful.

Are you now ready to level up your adventure? If yes, via ferrata is something you shouldn’t miss. From picturesque views to different levels of difficulty, via ferrata, has them all.

Choose your desired destination today and plan out your future escapade.

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