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Mountains - Summer Vs. Winter

Mountain climbing is one of the thrilling outdoor activities. If you love adventure, this activity is a good choice. Meanwhile, there are some factors that you must consider when mountain climbing. To guide you, I will provide you the difference between summer VS winter mountains. With that, you can choose which season will work best for you.

  • Gear

Whatever the season is, you must have proper gear and clothing for your comfort and safety.

Summer: If you want to enjoy your summer hiking, you must have complete gear. You need mountain trousers, synthetic or wool underwear, wool stocking or socks, wind jacket, boots, rucksack, light sweater, or shirt of fleece or wool. You can also bring other gear, including a camera, binoculars, candle, sitting pad, Firestarter paper, and more.

Winter: In the winter season, you need warm socks, insulated hiking boots, and high gaiters for your footwear. You can choose between heavyweight or lightweight fleece or wool hat. You can have gloves with insulated liners. It is also important to wear a puffy insulated jacket with hood. It is an advantage to have a windproof and waterproof jacket. When it comes to your pants, you can wear waterproof and windproof hard-shell pants.

You can have an insulated vest, fleece pullover, fleece jacket, or softshell jacket for mid-layer insulation. You can also wear long sleeve jersey, boxer jock underwear to avoid chafing or long underwear for base-layer insulation. It is also an advantage to bring spare clothing like an extra pair of socks, long underwear, and a long sleeve jersey.

  • Weather

Consider the weather as you plan to go for mountain climbing.

Summer: In the summer season, you can experience the aromas floating in your environment. You can smell the salty ocean breeze and other things in your surroundings. You can experience pure air and the scents of pollen, flowers, and more.

Winter: The weather in the winter season is so refreshing. You can breathe with crisp and clean air. Meanwhile, there are some instances that the air sends on your throat, which can dehydrate you. So, you must take safety precautions.

  • Conditions

Summer: Summer can be hotter for mountain climbing. So, you must have the best gear and survival equipment. You must not wear cotton for summer mountains.  

Winter: The condition in winter mountains is complicated. With the ice and snow, it can be dangerous. It is a little bit challenging, so you must be careful to prevent accidents, which are truly disappointing.

  • Avalanches

Summer: Avalanches in summer mountains are also possible. The terrain can be slippery, muddy, or rocky, so you must have the proper gear and equipment to secure your safety.

Winter: Winter mountain climbing comes with more hazards. You can encounter snow and ice, which can lead to avalanches. So, you must have the right clothing for your comfort. You also need to be alert to details to prevent unfortunate situations. It may be icy, so you must have the right gear.

  • Safety

Summer: Summer mountain climbing also comes with possible risks. So, you must get ready for challenges you may encounter. Never wear cotton and get the best footwear for stability, grip, and ankle support. The sun rays can be intense on higher altitudes, so you must have sunscreen and other equipment for your protection.

Winter: Mountain climbing in winter can be very risky. Therefore, you must prioritize your safety. You can prevent avalanche terrain. You must also know when to retreat. If you don’t have enough water or food, it is time to back down. Check if you can feel your toes. You must drink and often eat to sustain your energy.

  • Time difference to cross the same trail

Summer: The best time for summer mountain climbing is during July and August. You can enjoy the green mountain landscape.

Winter: You can enjoy winter mountain climbing on the freezing and dark cold of January and February.

  • Effort

Summer: Summer mountain climbing also needs efforts to reach its peak. The first requirement is to maintain a strong stamina to get there. Make sure that you are equipped with the right gear because you can face many challenges as you go on your path. It will help if you plan for the worst situations.

Winter: Just like summer, winter mountain climbing also requires great efforts to make the best of your experience. Make sure to have meals to sustain your energy in the cold weather. You can have soup, broth, tea to keep yourself warm. You must also wear the right clothing to stay comfortable.


To sum it up, both summer and winter mountains possess risks. So, you must be responsible enough to bring the right gear and equipment to secure your comfort and protection. Stay hydrated by drinking water more often. You must also have enough supply of food for survival. If you want to experience a thrilling adventure, you can choose between summer and winter mountain climbing.    

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