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What Is The Best Way To Recover From Long Hours Of Hiking?

Hiking is one of the favorite activities of adventurers. It can provide you with a thrill and satisfying experience. However, you may suffer from pain after hiking. You don’t need to suffer from these post-hiking fatigue. Worry no more because I will give you the best ways to recover from long hours of hiking.   


Hiking is a challenging task, especially if you have trails with mountains. There are some instances that you may slip many times, which can lead to muscle and joint pain. One of the best ways to recover from hiking pain is stretching.            

Perform mild stretching to refuel and recover your tired muscles. Stretching can also be beneficial to improve your blood circulation. It helps to reduce the exhaustion in your muscles.

Cooling by water

Cooling by water is also a good way to relieve body pain from hiking. A cold dip in your tub can reduce soreness. You can also prefer contrast therapy. It is taking a shower by alternating cold and warm water. It can expand your blood vessels that can flush out waste products in the tissues.

Use muscle roller/roller foam

You can use muscle roller or roller foam to reduce the pain you feel after your hiking adventure. This therapeutic roller uses pressure to relieve your aching muscles. There are many available muscle rollers in the market to ease your pain.


Yoga after hiking can reduce muscle soreness and tension. You can perform different yoga poses to recover fast from hiking. By practicing yoga, you can also improve your flexibility and enhance muscle strength. It is also a good habit to increase your stamina and balance, which are important in hiking.

Longer sleep

Take longer sleep. As you sleep, you give your feet, body, and mind a good break. Sleeping is one of the most effective ways to recover from a vigorous activity like hiking. It can repair and grow your muscles too. So, take time to relax and sleep after hiking. Aside from reducing body pain, it can also refresh your mind and body that can help you to be more productive the next day.


You made it with your hiking adventure. With that, you must reward yourself with food. You may not know it, but nutrition is also a good way to record fast from pain due to your hiking activity. You can recharge yourself by having a diet that is rich in fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

With the right nutrition, you can refuel your lost energy. Some suggested foods for hike recovery include pasta, smoothies, hot chocolate, fried rice, chicken with spicy chili.


Swimming can help to ease the pain of post-hiking. Aside from healing your painful muscles, it can also freshen you. If you want an active recovery, this sport is the best solution. It is effective in reducing soreness in your muscles.


Sauna is also a good way to recover fatigue from hiking. It promotes muscle recovery by improving blood circulation. It also helps you to sweat and release your body toxins. Aside from relieving body pain, it can also reduce your stress. It can burn calories and enhance your cardiovascular health.

Taking a sauna can help you to enhance your sleep, which is also important to recover after a long day of hiking. It is effective in reducing muscle and joint pains.

Compression socks

Compression socks are designed to support blood circulation, which is good for muscle recovery. You can wear it after long hours of hiking. It can steady your legs.

Muscle recovery ointment or pain relievers

If you want instant recovery, you can also use a muscle recovery ointment. You can also take pain relievers.

Cool down

After hiking, it is necessary to cool down. Take it slow and stop the motion. You can warm first before cooling down during cold weather.


With the heat of the sun on your hiking adventure, you sweat a lot. So, you must rehydrate and take some fluids. Staying hydrated can help you to boost your energy.


To ease the pain after a long hour hiking, you can pamper yourself with a massage. Massage can provide you with calming, soothing, and therapeutic feeling while promoting blood circulation. Additionally, it can also relax your aching muscles.


By following these tips, you can recover faster from your hiking fatigue. It can help you to relieve joints and muscle pains. With that, you can improve your performance on your next adventure. You can also perform gentle walking and cycling to ease your pain.

Hiking is a fun and satisfying activity. However, it would help if you also prioritize your comfort and safety. You need to know how to recover fast from your long day hiking. By applying the tips mentioned above, you can reduce the risk of injuries with your hiking adventure.

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