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Best Hiking Shoes on a Budget

Your hiking shoes are your best buddies if you are fond of hiking mountain ridges, gullies and trails around the world. As a mountaineer, I always use a pair of hiking shoes that is comfortable to wear and perfectly fit onto my feet. Serious injuries may happen if you are not wearing shoes perfect for the work. There’s no doubt that a low-quality pair of shoes can make us prone to blisters and cramps.

On the other hand, we don’t need to purchase a hiking sneaker that is expensive. There are lots of inexpensive shoes available on the market that are made with quality materials. The following are my top pick when it comes for the best hiking shoes on a budget.

So, if you want to know more about it, keep on reading.

Columbia Men’s Peakfreak Venture

cheap hikings shoes

Based on my experience, hiking shoes that are made by Columbia are the best. That’s why I made it my best choice. The Columbia Men’s Peakfreak Venture Waterproof Wide Hiking Shoes enable you to have a unique hiking experience you will love.

You can use it on city streets and mountain trails with ease and convenience since it has a sleek and clean design. Knowing for the fact that it is also equipped with the best performance technology of Columbia, this pair of shoes is worth buying.

Features of Columbia Men’s Peakfreak Venture

  • Omni-technology
  • Thermal reflective lining
  • Cushioned midsole
  • Waterproof and breathable construction
  • Back and front pull straps
  • Removable insole
  • Reinforced toe cap

Pros of Columbia Men’s Peakfreak Venture

  • I love its attractive look, making it suitable to wear on the city streets and mountain trails
  • One of the advantages I found while using this pair of shoes is that it is incredibly lightweight
  • Since it has waterproof and breathable construction, wearers of this shoe will feel more comfortable
  • It has a thermal reflective lining feature that will maintain the warmth of the user’s feet
  • Another thing that I like about these hiking shoes is that it is very durable
  • Most of the reviews I read about these shoes love how they support their feet and arches
  • As I have mentioned, you can use these shoes not only for hiking but also for a regular workout
  • At first, I was hesitant to purchase this product because of the sizes. But I was amazed when I got it since it perfectly snugs onto my feet
  • There are lots of mountaineers, including me, who are amazed by its affordability. But, even though it is affordable, I love the comfort it gives to me every time I wear it
  • I love the outsole design of this shoe

Cons of Columbia Men’s Peakfreak Venture

  • As I read some reviews about it from different sites, I notice that some of its wearers have experienced problems on its restrictive side
  • What I don’t love about this product is sometimes I experience heel slippage. It might be because of the lack of lacing system’s eyelets.


I have used it once for my hiking experience during cold weather. My feet maintain a warm feeling. This is because the sneaker is using the Omni-technology with thermal reflective lining. It is also waterproof and breathable. It is made with high-quality materials, ensuring you with its durability.

I am sure you will love its unique style, support, durability, quality and versatility. As mentioned, I love how affordable this pair of shoes is. I was amazed by how this product has been constructed with beautiful manly design. It is also known for being durable, assuring you that it will stay with you for long years. 


Salomon x Ultra

cheap hikings shoes - salomon x ultra

Wear a pair of shoes as if you are not wearing one. I am using this sneaker for many years. As time progressed, it did not let me down. At first, I was hesitant to buy this one. But after knowing how affordable and lightweight it is, I was encouraged by my friend to get one.

For every time I wear this one, it never compromises the comfortability. I recommend this one to be used for Whitaker pointy, AR, hemmed in Hollow and other strenuous hiking activities. I was stunned how strong its grip on wet rocks. Thus, I concluded that this one is a great pair of shoes.

Features of Salomon x Ultra

  • Lace up closure type
  • Its grip uses two rubber types known for giving you a full control
  • Advanced chassis
  • Foam cushioning for additional comfort
  • Foothold feature
  • A rubber sole

Pros of Salomon x Ultra

  • I like how its advanced chassis feature helps me to have a more stabilized heel during the hike
  • It has a better grip resulting from the use of two rubber types. It features a patterned area that gives me a more aggressive grip during terrain hikes.
  • It is made with top-notch materials. Thus, you can make sure that these shoes are on high-quality
  • I feel more comfortable hiking after wearing these shoes.
  • It is perfect for any type of strenuous hike
  • It has a good grip on both wet and dry conditions
  • It avoids my feet from being sore after a long hike. I also feel less tired of walking while I use this one
  • I love the durability of its sole, making sure that it will not wear easily
  • It gives me enough stability during the odd surfaces
  • It snugs on my feet perfectly and tying it can be done within seconds

Cons of Salomon x Ultra

  • In spite of the advantages I have given above, I still notice a few drawbacks about these shoes. I feel like it is not as ergonomic as other shoes I have tried before
  • Another is that I feel like my toes are moving too much inside these shoes. But still, I like its quality. It is just that I think it is not for those hikers who have smaller feet.


Even though I noticed some negatives about Salomon x Ultra, but it cannot still be denied that its pros outweigh the cons. Thus, I highly recommend these shoes to those hiking enthusiasts. It is loaded with advantages, making it to be in the second spot of the best hiking shoes for men. Considering the fact that it is very affordable, I think anyone can avail it without breaking the bank.

All in all, the Salomon c Ultra can give you the comfortableness you need. I recommend this pair of shoes to those hikers who have slightly wide feet. So if you are one of them, grab yours now!

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

cheap hiking shoes

Are you looking for a hiking shoe that is both breathable and affordable? Well, your search is over! I have found a pair of hiking sneakers that will meet your needs and requirements. The Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe is a ventilated hiking shoe that has a price ranging from 63.00 US Dollars to 200.83 US Dollars.

There is no doubt why this one is named as Moab, which stands for Mother of all Boots. This is because it came with Vibram traction, a supportive footbed and made with durable leathers. That’s why it is popular on the market.

Features of Merrell Men’s Moab 2

  • It has air cushion that will absorb the shock while giving you extra stability
  • Suede leather and performance mesh upper
  • Closed-cell foam tongue
  • Ventilated mesh lining
  • EVA midsole supporting both stability and comfort
  • Protective rubber toe cap
  • Molded nylon arch shank
  • Vibram TC5+sole
  • Synthetic sole

Pros of Merrell Men’s Moab 2

  • I highly appreciate the aesthetic appeal of these shoes, making it perfect to wear for any kind of occasion
  • It provides the amazing outsole
  • I love how it looks good with any outfit and use it for backcountry hikes and city walks
  • It gives me comfort while wearing it
  • I can wear it with ease and convenience
  • I feel doubts whether this one is worth buying or not. But as I read some of its reviews, I concluded that it fits true to size
  • It is also good to wear during exercise activities
  • It gives my arches the support it needs
  • It is very durable

Cons of Merrell Men’s Moab 2

  • Since it lacks with lacing system eyelets, expect that heel slippage is possible
  • I don’t think its breathability feature meets my needs


If you are more on style, quality, support and versatility, then this Merrel Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoes is for you. It is reasonably priced. Even though I have the money, I am not a type of person who will spend a lot for a branded item. So if you are like me, this one can be our best hiking buddies. I am proud to say that its aesthetic design fits any outfit, enabling you to wear it anywhere.

I am amazed by the excellent features this item has. To conclude, the Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking shoes is worth trying and give your money the right value. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours now without breaking your bank.

Vasque Men’s Grand Traverse

Vasque Men's Grand Traverse

Are you like me who loves hiking and walking on rocky trails? Well, I found the best pair of hiking shoes for us. This is the Vasque Men’s Grand Traverse. This one is a type of supercharged sneakers. I am amazed at how it holds its grip on the rocky and rugged terrain.

Vasque is known for making a hiking pair of shoes that is suitable to wear different hiking types of terrain. It gives you an athletic look while enjoying its comfort. It gives you work similar to an approach boot.

We know how committed the Vasque staffs to create an aesthetic, innovative and functional footwear that will meet your needs and requirements. It is good to wear for any kind of activities and more strenuous adventures.

Features of Vasque Men’s Grand Traverse

  • Dual compound of Vibram Ibex outsole giving you more grip
  • Cushioning EVA midsole
  • Dual-density of EVA footbed
  • Low cut hiking sneakers
  • Its toe cap is abrasion-resistant and durable mesh panels
  • An approximate measurement of 0.5 inches platform
  • 25 inches for an approximate measurement of heel
  • Rubber sole
  • Imported
  • Made with 100 percent leather

Pros of Vasque Men’s Grand Traverse

  • It is lightweight and easy to wear
  • It gives you the stability you need.
  • It is very durable
  • Anyone can buy it because of its affordable price rate

Cons of Vasque Men’s Grand Traverse

  • In my opinion, I feel like this shoe is quite heavy. I also read some reviews about this product, and some customers also feel the same
  • These shoes don’t smear very well


I highly recommend these Vasque Men’s Grand Traverse shoes to those who love hiking rocky terrains. It gives me the stability I need since it features a rigid and sticky outsole. Aside from that, I also love its stiff edges.

In my opinion, it is one of the shoes that has the highest quality, most supportive and durable. Rest assured that this pair of hiking sneakers can give you more comfortable and convenient hiking experience.

Skechers Men’s Relment – semego

Skechers Men's Relment - semego

This is one of the best manufacturers of hiking shoes that evolves as time progressed to create more durable and effective products. You can use this Skechers Men’s Relment – semego on many terrains. I tried using it already, and all I can say is it is AMAZING. It has a sticky grip on rocky surfaces, enabling me to control my balance.

It also has the protective mudguard that is located at the foot base. This is known for protecting both the lateral and medial sides when used on more complicated and muddier terrain. You don’t have to worry about the sticking of debris on your foot and footbed. This is because this one features an anti-debris mesh aid.

Features of Skechers Men’s Relment

  • It is one hundred percent made with leather, ensuring that it is on high-quality
  • It is imported
  • It comes with a rubber sole
  • It is fully waterproof. So, you can ensure that your feet stay dry even you walk through a wet surface
  • It comes with a memory foam

Pros of Skechers Men’s Relment

  • I love the comfort it brings to my feet. It covers my whole feet to make sure that it will not sore after hiking miles of rocky terrains.
  • I also like its stability which is good to use when hiking on uneven trails
  • I consider this sneaker as a beast. This is because it provides great traction on different terrain surfaces
  • It is very versatile, enabling me to use it for different outdoor activities. It gives me the comfortability when walking on both flat and smooth surfaces. These shoes are capable of handling your more strenuous and lightest activities.
  • Lastly, it is waterproof keeping my feet dry when walked on wet trails or surfaces

Cons of Skechers Men’s Relment

  • I feel like my ankle is not fully protected while using this pair of hiking shoes


If you are more on durability, quality and versatility, I recommend you to try the Skechers Men’s Relment – semego. I assure you will not regret even a thing and your money will get the right value. Aside from that, it is very affordable, enabling anyone to purchase one.

If you are on a budget but wants to protect your feet from the possible risks when hiking on rough and rigid terrains and trails, I dare you to try the Skechers Men’s Relment – semego. I don’t recommend hiking sneakers that are low-quality. I am more on the ones that can be purchased inexpensively but still rich in quality features.

I hope that these recommendations will help you. If your budget is higher then you can check my article about best hiking shoes for men (little more expensive, but also more advanced).

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