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Best Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet and Plantar Fasciitis

Hiking is one of the favorite outdoor activities of people. It is one good way to become one with nature. Going hiking helps you exercise all parts of your body and even your mind. Along the way, some may find the rocks and steep paths very challenging to overcome, and they might even want to give up hiking, but what we don’t appreciate is the views that we see along the way. It’s something that we don’t see every day. Hence it is something that we should enjoy. If you have regular “standard” type of feet just check for normal type of hiking shoes gently selected by me, if you get wind of flat feet problem than read on.

The fresh breeze that becomes even more refreshing when we go higher is something to appreciate as well, and once we reach the top, the feeling of joy and success is always worth it.  Hiking is something that is going to really tire your body; hence, you need the right equipment and outfit when you do it to ensure that you aren’t adding up to your tiredness and making sure that nothing is getting in the way. The first thing to consider is shape of your foot that could cause necessity for buying good hiking shoes with toe box (I write about with examples here).

Sometimes, however, even if you have the right equipment, you’re still going to have problems, at least that’s what I’ve observed during the times I’ve hiked alone or with the company of others.

What actually is flat feet problem?

What does this mean? Having flat feet means that your feet have very low or no arch at all. Your foot or both of your feet may be flat to the ground. This could be painful to take on a hiking trip. Actually I’m in this group of people which problem with flat feet (and over pronation also), so trust me I know what I’m talking about. If you didn’t choose shoes correctly then pain could be intolerable and moreover could cause injury of your ankle or hip. But don’t worry, I’ve listed shoes that could help you. Here are some of the best hiking shoes I could find for all of my flat-feet folks out there.

What type of shoes are good for flat feet?

In the most cases best type of shoe to hiking for flat feet cover that points:

– strong arch support

– stiff structure

– space for orthotic inserts

– some of them has special systems to prevent overpronatiion

  • you can buy shoes with stiffer structure which will stabilize the foot
  • or, if it will not help enough (when your overpronation is really strong as I have) then you can use Supports Orthotics Inserts

Based on my experience there is a possibility to decrease  the pain, and to extend the distance which could you menage without pain – You can achieve that with wise training before and during the season.

Following the gear issue I picked a few models of shoes which are perfect for protecting you from flat feet pain caused by overpronation:

1. Asics Gel – Kahana

When you have a flat feet, and you want to go hiking, one of the things that you need to look for in shoes is the cushioning. It helps you become comfortable while you tackle the obstacles of hiking.  One of the best shoes for this is Asics Gel – Kahana.

These shoes have high energizing cushioning to help give you absolute comfort when hiking. The upper part of it is a 10mm breathable open mesh. It also has durable synthetic overlays to provide support, and it has a plush tongue and collar to add more comfort. The insoles of these shoes are removable to supply light underfoot cushioning. The cushioning system allows smooth transition as it decreases the impacting shock. The soles are also designed and positioned in a way that provides absolute stability and support. It’s not only comfortable to take on hikes, but it is also very durable and could last for a long time due to its midsole material, which decreases midsole breakdown.

You can enjoy your outdoor activities with this since it isn’t as bulky as other designs. This one’s perfect if you highly value comfort and high performance. The pros of using Asics Gel – Kahana is that it has really great arch support, and if you have flat feet, this will be perfect for you. It also balances weight effectively, which is something that you may struggle from if you have flat feet, and it helps with the natural walking flow. This shoe is very versatile, and you can use them even when you aren’t hiking. Cons are, it’s not the best shoes to use in wet terrain. Some also find it hard to slip in smoothly and maybe too tight for some. It all depends on preference. I think this brand is still one of the best ones to take on hiking.

2. Salewa Mountain Trainer

When you go hiking, there may be times that the weather doesn’t cooperate with you, and rain suddenly decides to pour down on your hiking adventure. I’ve experienced that as well, and I am not so happy with it. To keep your foot warm and dry, try using Salewa Mountain Trainer. It is waterproof and would surely give you great a good time when you go hiking on a rainy day. It is a low cut kind of shoe and could be used even for nonhiking purposes. The lining of this shoe is made from GORE-TEX for extended comfort and has rubber soles. The upper portion of this is made of 360 degrees full rubber rand, 1.6mm suede leather, and also has a highly wear- a resistant fabric that will be suitable for you if you want to keep this for a long time.

Personally, I think this is awesome, especially if you are hiking on a wet terrain or the weather is damp. Pros of this shoe are that it provides good support for crack climbing, and works well in snow or scree because it is where it specializes in. If you are going to hike somewhere, that’s filled with jumbled tree roots and a place where there’s a lot of pointed rocks. Then this one will give you the best comfort. It is also quite easy to slip into, and it would be convenient if you want a quick change in footwear.

Cons are, it may be too stiff for your liking if you ‘re going to lightly loaded trips, and it isn’t really the best shoes to wear if you want to fit your toes in the crevices of rocks because its front toes are quite big for those things. Overall, this shoe is really good, and I think that the durability of this will be a major turn on if you want a supportive and sturdy shoe.

3. Columbia Granite Ridge

 If you have flat feet, you definitely would want shoes that have great traction abilities and are really good with any environment or terrain you are in. This one, I think, is one of the best hiking shoes out there because this offers a great grip. Columbia Granite Ridge offers roomy and extended upper foot and ankle support. Just like the previous shoe, this one is waterproof and have sealed seams to keep the water and dirt away from your feet.

Even though this shoe is waterproof, the materials it is made from are breathable so that you could have great comfort when you use it. It is waterproof and has full-grain leather and suede bootie construction and has durable mesh tongues added so that it becomes even more breathable. The midsole support on this shoe is also great as it provides superior cushioning and high energy return for comfort in any place or terrain you are hiking in. This shoe also has omni-grip technology, which allows it to provide ultimate traction and grip to make you feel secure and balanced wherever you decide to hike.

The pros to this are that it is highly durable and can withstand the test of the environment and time. It is probably one of the top shoes to choose if you want great quality footwear. It is breathable, and it is waterproof, which I think is an absolute must when you are looking for shoes to wear on hiking since we hikers tend to get into uncomfortable situations, and shoe support will be great for us.  Cons of this are probably the fact that it isn’t as light as other options. It may be too much for some, but that depends on your preference. I’d like you to invest in one of these so that you can ensure that your hiking experience is great.

4. Salomon XA Pro 3D

This is the last shoe that I am going to recommend to you, and this one is one beasty tank of a shoe. Its asset is that it provides optimal protection on the trail. Solomon XA Pro 3D is the perfect shoe if you are starting out with trail running. This shoe offers ultimate protection from the huge amount of foot-abuse trail running that may contribute. This shoe is like the monster truck of all the shoes that I have previously mentioned. The underfoot protection of this shoe is just absolutely amazing as the midsole of this shoe is very solid and inflexible; hence, it would give you the best support out of all these.

The soles are also made with a couple of pieces with smaller and closely spaced lungs. It also keeps your foot from overpronating as there is added arc support, which would give you excellent stability and control. The lacing of this shoe is also very cinched, which allows you to have comfortably tightened shoes as it would greatly support the top and side of your foot. You can use this shoe when running, but it is the best to use in hiking as it is not a sensitive shoe and would provide you great protection from hard rock and such.

Pros of using this are that it gives you ultimate protection, and you can be sure that it will stay put on your feet, especially if you have flat feet. Since it has an added arch to it, you will feel that you could control it very well. The cons of this, however, is that not all would like the arch feature and the tight-fitting of it. People do have different preferences, so this may or may not be a choice for them. However, if you want to have these features, then I suggest you get this one.

Recomended support orthotics inserts for flat feet problem

You can check what works for your because we are all different (fortunately). As an alternative or extended solution I recommend you to choose one of these Support Orthotics Inserts:


Chosen by most people with flat feet issue.

Support Orthotics Inserts


Alternative with similar technology.


Ergonomic & Non Slip Design


Having flat feet shouldn’t stop you from getting to do what you want outdoors. Though it may be a nuisance and might be quite an inconvenience, especially if you want to do it, there are still some ways you could make things a bit easier for you. I hope my suggestion of footwear was able to help you decide what kind of shoes to get for hiking.

I am an avid fan of hiking myself, and I think everyone should be able to go hiking even if there are some hurdles for some. Hiking is a great activity, and doing it may give a lot of benefits to you, so even if you have flat feet or other things that might cause difficulty, I encourage you to try still to do it and have fun while you’re at it. Don’t let flat feet stop you from doing what you love! If you are new to hiking, you could bring your pals or family with you to have a better experience and an overall good time.

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