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Best Hiking Gloves

Involving ourselves to hiking is a good practice. It has a lot of things to offer, such as allowing us to meet new people or friends and benefits in our health. First, it gives us the chance to meet new people from different backgrounds and origins. Here, we are able to interact with other people that can then lead to the building of new friendships and relationships. On the other hand, a consistent involvement and practice of hiking can boost our immune system, as well as strengthens our bones and muscles. These benefits are what we need to continue living a good and long life. It makes our health much more stable, leading us to a disease-free life.

Another thing, we all know that hiking gloves refer to the tool used for hiking purposes to protect ourselves from excessive cold, getting cuts, and other injuries. It keeps our hands warm if the weather is cold, especially hypothermia is only one of the common problems that a hiker can experience in cold places. Wearing a pair of hiking gloves will serve as protection from excessive cold, keeping it warm and not feeling numb. Also, hiking gloves are helpful not only in cold weather but also in the warm ones. Here, there are potentials dangers or injuries such as slipping off from a huge rock, which can cause cuts and bruises. However, by wearing gloves, all of these can be avoided, and we can proceed to the end of the hike.

Given this, we are going to discuss the details about the considered as best hiking gloves of all time. In this way, you can gain more awareness and ideas about these hiking gloves. Also, this can serve as the best opportunity to assess each of the top hiking gloves to avoid purchasing one that does not meet your expectations. So, here are the best hiking gloves:

The North Face Etip Glove

I am sure that you are aware of North Face- a clothing brand that provides high-quality clothes for sports and outdoor activities. It is also a store that sells outdoor tools and materials for us to have the best camp, hike, travel, and other activities to remember in life. One of their best-selling hiking must-haves is the North Face Etip Gloves. This has been a well-known and one of the top hiking gloves of all time since it guarantees quality and durability when used. Here are the following details about these hiking gloves.


This hiking glove has a lot of features to offer. These features enable the gloves to justify its effectiveness and durability when used during a hike.

  • Cotton and Rubber-Made

This hiking glove is made with rubber and cotton. These two materials are the ideal ones since the cotton provides a smooth and relaxing sensation when worn, and on the other side, the rubber provides the non-slip ability. The cotton is placed inside so that the hands can feel warmer, and the rubber is used for the outside to prevent the hands from slipping off wet or oily spaces.

  • Holes

Another feature that makes this pair of gloves, one of the recommended in the market is its holes. These holes allow the hands to feel comforted and safe. It contributes to the breathability of the hands, preventing it from any swelling or suffocation.


  • Comes in different colors, designs, and sizes
  • Rubber prevents the hands from slipping
  • Cotton makes the hand feel warm and safe from catching hypothermia
  • Holes for breathability


  • It is not waterproof
  • Does not guarantee warm hands when used


After all, the North Face Etip Gloves is still a good choice for a pair of hiking gloves. It is made with quality materials that can guarantee safety and heat even in cold places.

Outdoor Research PL400

Another highly-recommended hiking glove is the Outdoor Research PL400. Have you heard of this before? Well, this kind of hiking glove is considered one of the most notable since it guarantees high-quality and effective benefits that help a lot of people, especially the hikers. It comes in different colors such as black, ash, and army green. Also, it is offered in different sizes so that people with different hand sizes can easily find a glove that fits them. Another thing, these gloves are made with high-quality materials and excellence. That is why it performs a good job when used during a hike. It guarantees effectiveness and durability that keeps the hiker safe and able to withstand any type of trails towards the dream hike destination.


The features of a product act as its representative to attract potential users or customers. In this regard, the Outdoor Research PL400 also has its own and unique features, which makes it worth the purchase and time.

  • Durable and Effective to Use

The very first feature of this glove that you can consider is its durability and effectiveness when used. For me, these qualities or features are the top needed to guarantee an excellent hiking experience. Good thing, the Outdoor Research was able to see and consider this, and as a result, their gloves are highly recommended anywhere in the market.

  • Water-Resistant

When we say water-resistant, it does not necessarily mean that it is waterproof. This glove is water resistant since drops of water can slide off it and not able to enter the inside part of it, which is made of cotton.


  • Effective
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Water-resistant


  • There are other warmer models of hiking gloves than this one


Above all, the Outdoor Research PL400 was able to do a great job. With the abovementioned details, it is only justified that this hiking glove is a must-have.

Black Diamond Crag Climbing Gloves (demanding trails with some rock climbing)

Next in line with the top-recommended and excellent-made hiking gloves is the Black Diamond Crag Climbing Gloves. This kind of gloves is mostly seen being used by people who love to climb up the trees, mountain tops, and other else with a steep view from above. In short, this glove is best used for some rock climbing. This can protect your hands from getting cuts or injuries since there are trails that can be too steep or filled with sharp edges. By wearing this kind of mask, you can protect yourself, as well as your hiking companions.


  • Great for Rock Climbing

This is the very first feature of the Black Diamond Crag Climbing Gloves. It is the hiking gloves for rock climbing, hard trekking, and other outdoor activities. This is made possible through its thick coverage, which enables any hiker to grab onto something for a longer period of time. This is one of the needed resources by hikers who want to climb a rock or take a steep trail. It guarantees a tighter and longer grip even though the surface can be wet or too oily to hold onto.

  • Durable and Thick

Another feature of this hiking glove is its durability and thickness. When we say about durability, this means that a product can easily adapt to a new environment or way of usage without getting it replaced or reassembled. Also, it has a thick coverage that helps in getting a smarter and longer way of holding onto something.


  • Highly-effective
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Durable
  • Thick


  • Can be too heavy to other users


                After all, this hiking glove is highly recommended. It provides different benefits that are of high quality and will surely provide me with a cute smile.  By choosing this hiking glove, you can always have the best time and day of life.

The North Face Men’s Montana Etip GTX (for winter conditions)

The same with the first brand we mentioned earlier, our next highly-recommended hiking glove is also from the North Face. This hiking glove has differences compared to the previously mentioned one. It has its own and unique characteristics and features, which help it to stand out from its competitors in the market. It has different and outstanding benefits, which can make your hike worth it and unforgettable.


  • Water-Resistant

The very first feature of this hiking glove is its ability to resist water. This kind of feature is a must-have when choosing hiking gloves since it can be too helpful along the way. With this, you are able to make contact with wet materials or anything found on the hike. This can enable you to touch wet rocks, bushes, woods, and others else without even worrying about getting wet and cold hands. This feature is dominated by the synthetic leather used to make this hiking glove. It provides durable and extremely soft palm.

  • Radiametric Articulation

Another feature that makes this glove so special and recommended is due to its radiometric articulation. This plays an important role in the overall function of this hiking glove since it keeps the hand in a relaxed and natural position. This is also a helpful feature since it can keep your hands in place despite any position you have.


  • 5 Dimensional Feature
  • Different colors
  • GORE-TEX Technology for being waterproof, maximum dexterity, and breathable protection.
  • Imported and made in the USA
  • 8’ wide
  • 4’ high


  • Frays quickly


Above all, the North Face Men’s Montana Etip GTX Glove is a good choice. It has a lot of excellent features that can make your hike effective and efficient. If you want to experience this with your friends and companions, make sure that you wear this kind of gloves, especially if your destination is in cold places such as mountain tops. This glove can protect you from getting hypothermia due to extreme coldness.

Intra-FIT Climbing Gloves

Last but not least, we also have Intra-Fit Climbing Gloves. This hiking glove is also one of the top recommended and reviewed since it guarantees effective and quality usage. It showcases unique characteristics and features that make it a top seller in the market. For me, this one is a must-have, especially if your trail involves climbing up huge rocks, trees, and other blockages. This can protect your hands from getting cuts or bruises, for it has a thick and high-grip capacity, preventing you from slipping off a surface.

Below are its features that you necessarily need for a deeper assessment of this hiking glove.

  • Flexible

The very first feature of this hiking glove is its flexibility. This only means that you can anatomically curve your finger with its soft neoprene cuff and Velcro design. This helps you to be flexible and comfortable while doing any job during the hike, such as gripping woods, holding onto rocks, and so many more.

  • Comfortable and Soft

It is comfortable and soft due to its premium grain goatskin as a material used. This guarantees a dexterity and durable performance while on a hike, as well as a comfortable pace.

  • Breathable

Lastly, this hiking glove is breathable. This is because of its material called stretchable spandex for elasticity and breathability while on use.


  • Affordable
  • Always on hand
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Best for climbing


  • Smells after use


After all, the Intra-Fit Climbing Gloves is also a must-have. With its excellent features and characteristics, this can make your hike truly memorable and worth it. In my own opinion, this glove is what you need when hiking hard, involving climbing up the rocks or huge trees. This guarantees a good grip.


Hiking may be good practice and a way of releasing negativity in life. It can also be the perfect opportunity to gather realizations, as well as life lessons that you can apply afterward in your living. However, the utmost safety and caution while doing this kind of outdoor activity is a must. Prioritize your safety against any potential harm that the trail may give. Some of that are muddy places, cliffs, slippery tracks, violent nature residents or animals, and so many more.

On top of that, wearing appropriate clothes to the type of weather and time is a must consider. In this way, you can have a comfortable and effective hike. If the weather is nice and warm, look for thin yet durable clothes. If it’s a little bit or too cold, wear thick jackets and safety gear such as eyeglasses and gloves. All of these, when considered, will give you a memorable hike.

Finally, all of these five abovementioned hiking gloves share different characteristics and features that make it the top-recommended among other competitors or brands. These five hiking gloves guarantee excellence and effectiveness when used for hiking. With the details provided in each hiking gloves, may you have a deep assessment of analyzing the best among these five. In this way, you can purchase and use the one that you think suits your expectations when it comes to hiking gloves. Also, this can make your hike worth it memorable without having any regret for choosing it, among other else.

Now is the time for you to choose the best for yourself. Prioritize your needs and expectations when choosing. This can help you avoid regrets and experience a good hike. Make your hike a good one with the best gloves! Choose wisely and have fun while on the trail.

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