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Best Hiking Flashlights

Water? Check. First-aid kit? Already in the bag. Have you got a flashlight in your hand?

If you’re still having trouble with what flashlight to equip yourself with during a long hike, then you’ve come to the right place! Hiking is effective when you want to take some things off your mind. You’d certainly feel rejuvenated after a long hike. Before you go, though, make sure the necessary equipment is with you. In my opinion, flashlights should always be on the list. If anything, it should be at the top.

Be Prepared For Darkness

It’s better to be safe than sorry, they say. When on a hiking trip, some unexpected events may come across our way, and we’ll find ourselves stuck as the cerulean canvas above us slowly transitions into a dark blue. It will get darker, and it will be a problem when one doesn’t pack a flashlight with them. Or maybe, you know, you might just stumble upon a cave, and you’d like to explore – you couldn’t exactly do that without light, could you?

Always remember to write “flashlight” on the top of your “To Bring” list because it’s as necessary as water, food and multi functional tool for unexpected situations.  If you think settling with a regular flashlight (like those you bring when having a sleepover and it’s time for the spooky stories) is enough, then you might have to reconsider that thought. It’s better if you dismiss it. Settling with a regular flashlight during hiking expeditions is a no-no.

It’s better to bring a flashlight that is suited for hiking. I can provide you with a list of some of my preferred flashlights when going on a hiking expedition. They come in handy, of course, and are easy to carry. You don’t need a separate bag for it! Based on my own experiences, these flashlights can last long and can stick with you for as long as you need them to.

Quick answer:

  • Nicron N7 600 Lumens
  • MECO – Hand Cranking & Solar Powered
  • DaskFire with UV Light (2 in 1)
  • Dorcy 41-2510 – Floating in Water
  • ThruNite TC15 – USB Rechargeable

Nicron N7 600 Lumens

NICRON N7- 600 Lumens hiking flashlight
Light Power 88%

The Nicron N7 600 Lumens is definitely trusted when it comes to hiking. This flashlight has so much in store and so much to flex. For one, it can provide you with long lasting life, and a remarkable long-range. The Nicron N7 600 Lumens claims itself to be a tactical flashlight, and I’m not surprised. For me, it really does serve as one.

The Nicron N7 600 Lumens is IP65. You are free to use it under any circumstance of the weather; rain or shine, snow or not, the Nicron N7 600 Lumens is still able to shine bright for you. It is dustproof, wash capable, water-resistant, and is designed to resist even heavy rains. Even if you find your Nicron N7 600 Lumens being temporarily submerged in water, it will still – with no doubt – work perfectly fine. Take that from me.

The flashlight has a portable weight (one inch in diameter and ranges to 4.5 inches long). You don’t even have to bother placing it inside your bag during hiking. I, myself, could easily strap it onto my belt because of the clip that is built with the flashlight itself.

That’s not the end to it because the Nicron N7 600 Lumens also boasts its magnetic tail cap. It can attach easily and firmly to any metal surface. I remember having to fix my bicycle one time, without anyone to assist me and hold the flashlight. But thanks to its magnetic tail cap, my problems were easily solved.

The Nicron N7 600 Lumens utilizes a Samsung LED ten times brighter than incandescent light. It could easily light up a room and have objects illuminated even if it is 413 feet away! It comes with a 14500 Lithium battery, but if you find it to be too bright for you, don’t sweat. The Nicron N7 600 Lumes also supports alkaline aa switch and standard AA battery for reduced glare.

It also has four lighting modes. With one click, the flashlight will immediately respond and turn on. But if you’d like to make it dimmer, then click it for the second time around. The third click is for the flashlight to turn off. It also has SOS functions, and for me, the flashlight is pretty easy to use.

Reliable, I must say. The flashlight proves itself to be worth buying at a reasonable price. I could hike without worrying about the rain or the flashlight’s durability. The Nicron N7 600 Lumens is a great company when it comes to hiking expeditions.

MECO – Hand Cranking & Solar Powered

hand and solar chargable hiking flashlight
Light Power 83%

I see the MECO – Hand Cranking & Solar Powered flashlight as an innovative flashlight. The hand-cranking feature could attest to that.

The battery of the MECO – Hand Cranking & Solar Powered flashlight can store a lot of energy inside. Whenever I carry it, I’d have one less problem to worry about. Actually, not just one – I can go to hikes without worrying about anything at all. The MECO – Hand Cranking & Solar Powered flashlight is designed for outdoors; thus, it is suited for hiking. It is durable and can withstand the immense weather as much as you can.

It also has a portable weight of 86 grams and is also designed with a clip so you could attach it anywhere you want. With the MECO – Hand Cranking & Solar Powered, I found myself not worrying about where to place or fit the flashlight inside my backpack. It has a size of 124 X 45 X 32 millimeters.

Let me talk about the hand-cranking feature more, because like what I’ve said, it makes the MECO – Hand Cranking & Solar Powered innovative; a breath of new air. The flashlight is built for emergencies, and when it comes to emergencies, I would want to rely on a flashlight that could last until everything’s okay again. This flashlight is definitely one that I could rely on.

Not every day do we have electricity, don’t we? We could also experience sudden power interruptions. Most flashlights need electricity to be recharged, but MECO – Hand Cranking & Solar Powered isn’t one of those flashlights. It is solar-powered, meaning you could have it recharged as long as there’s sunlight. If you lack sunlight, then you could resort to hand cranking the flashlight manually. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

The MECO – Hand Cranking & Solar Powered flashlight promises that within six minutes of cranking, the flashlight could last to an hour of use. The only cons that come with this flashlight are that the hand crank isn’t really sturdy; cranking it too hard can have it break easily. Though it is solar-powered, having it charged under sunlight could take some time. And, the light that it emits isn’t really that bright or strong.

Overall, the flashlight is still reliable, especially if it comes to emergencies. I think you just have to take note of the crank and not have it cranked too hard if you want that feature to last longer.

DaskFire with UV Light (2 in 1)

hiking flashlight with uv light
Light Power 90%

Buy one DaskFire flashlight; you’ll get two if it comes with the UV light feature!

The DaskFire with UV flashlight is 2 in 1. Before we go to the UV light feature, though, let’s talk more about the other features that come with the flashlight. It is made up of aircraft aluminum alloy. The flashlight is portable and easy to carry, with a clip built with it so that you could easily attach it to your belt or the strap of your backpack.

The torch has a zooming capability as well. With one (and the first) click, you will be provided with the flashlight’s maximum brightness. With two or double clicks, the flashlight will give you medium brightness, and then triple for the UV light feature. Now, how does this feature come in handy?

Well, the 395nm ultraviolet flashlight can be utilized to detect multiple things, like the urine stains of your cats and dogs (or any other pet). It can be utilized for hotel sanitary inspections as well. It can also assist you in detecting unpleasing spots in your bedroom and bathroom that would be unfeasible to spot with your naked eyes only.

The DaskFire with UV flashlight claims itself to be rechargeable. It could be, but I found out the hard way that it would only be rechargeable if I went out myself and bought rechargeable batteries for it. So, here’s a heads up: The DaskFire does come with a UV light feature, but it does not come with a battery or even a charging port of some sort. That’s a thing you have to take care of yourself. Once you’re able to buy batteries, well, the flashlight will then be rechargeable.

Other than those, I can say so myself that the DaskFire with UV flashlight could still be a great companion with hiking. It is still durable and can resist the rain and snow with you. It also has STROBE to catch someone’s attention when you require help immediately.

Dorcy 41-2510 – Floating in Water

dorcy - one of the best hiking flashlight
Light Power 79%

Have you ever worried about accidentally dropping your flashlight and not being able to find it underwater? I used to but stopped when I found out about the Dorcy 41-2510, which flexes its ability to float in water. Yes, it is also waterproof with 55 lumens of light and can provide you with great light for approximately 8 hours and 45 minutes.

The Dorcy 41-2510 comes in a variety of colors (yellow, blue, pink, purple, and neon green). I personally prefer the yellow one. It is also provided with a rubberized coating, making the flashlight easy and comfortable to grip. It also has added stability and durability. You can expect it to be with you throughout your whole hiking expedition, especially since it comes with 3 AA batteries.

It isn’t anything flashy, really, but for me, its simplicity is what makes it outstanding. The light switches are easy to maneuver, has a simplistic white LED, and I don’t find myself sweating about its battery life after a couple of minutes or so. This thing could totally last for hours and provide me a light for as long as I need it to.

I recommend this flashlight for hiking simply because it’s suitable for hiking. With the strong built that it has, even if you accidentally drop it along your hike, the flashlight is still able to work well. The Dorcy 41-2510 is also designed with a uniquely built-in tail cap so that it could be easily attached to your belt or the strap of your backpack.

Overall, I could say that the Dorcy 41-2510 is convenient and can accompany you well on your hiking expeditions. With the simplicity and the floating in a water feature that it provides, the flashlight also comes at a low price. Not that inexpensive to be called cheap, in my opinion, though.

ThruNite TC15 – USB Rechargeable

best USB Rechargeable hiking flashlight
Light Power 91%

This flashlight is promising. The ThruNite TC15 has the ON/OFF switch at the side, and it’s pretty easy to maneuver, but a bit hard to find by feel.  The ThruNite TC15 is a tactical flashlight, and you could have it charged with the USB cable that comes with it. A red indicator light tells you that it’s charging. If it’s already charged, then you will have a blue indicator light.

The ThruNite TC15 is one inch in diameter and 5.2 inches long. It weighs 4.2 ounces, meaning that it is easy to carry and convenient when you go out to hike. I’ve used the ThruNite TC15 and found that it also has a pocket clip and could be attached easily to my belt or bag straps. The flashlight has a nice anodized and durable finish and has provided me with an easy grip.

It comes with a 18650 rechargeable battery. The ThruNite TC15 also has five brightness modes:

  • the first press and hold give off one lumen
  • the second one gives off 25 lumens and can last for a whole 68 hours
  • the third press and hold gives off 250 lumen and can provide you with light for 6.5 hours
  • the fourth one gives off 1050 lumens and can last for 90 minutes
  • the last press and hold will then give you an outstanding 2300 lumens

I even felt the heat from the light emitted from the flashlight. It also has a shortcut for the highest, lowest, and last setting and a strobe that goes off at 830 lumens.

Unfortunately, though, the ThruNite TC15 has a low color rendering index (CRI) and isn’t really waterproof with the USB cap open. Oh, if you happen to have your old USB cap deteriorated, the package comes with other USB caps that you could use to replace it with. But overall, the ThruNite TC15 is remarkable and also arrives ready-to-use; you just have to take off the plastic that is wrapped at the end of the battery.


I’ve put all the reliable flashlights I could find it the market, and those are my top five. The flashlights mentioned are suited for hiking because they are durable, have long lasting battery life, and can emit bright light when it becomes dark. Needless to say, these flashlights could also survive intense weather and can withstand the impact if you find yourself accidentally dropping it. You won’t even probably find yourself dropping it often as all of them are easy to grip, and has a portable clip with it.

The flashlights aren’t even that hard to pack! It could fit right inside your pocket. You can fish it out and turn it on immediately when you need it to. I could guarantee that these flashlights are responsive and will not leave you behind. They were designed and built, especially for hiking, and the minds and hands behind these flashlights did a great work with it as well. It’s a plus that the batteries are rechargeable, and you wouldn’t have to buy batteries now and then.

So don’t bother equipping yourself with those large, old flashlights during your hiking expeditions. You’d probably end up sweaty, and instead of making the hike convenient for you, that kind of flashlight might just end up being a nuisance, right? Bringing a regular flashlight won’t make up for it, too. I’ve learned that. It’s better if you provide yourself with equipment that is necessary for the situation.

Don’t even start sweating about the price! I assure you; all of the flashlights mentioned come at a reasonable price. The flashlights aren’t too expensive to cause a hole in your pocket, and they aren’t too inexpensive to be considered as “cheap” also. In my opinion, the tags placed on those flashlights are rational and would be worth it.

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