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Best Backpacking Multi-Tool

The great outdoors is something that should be explored, and seeing the world is something that we should do while we still can. Backpacking is the best way to do that. To me, backpacking is more than just hitchhiking to go to places or to go on unexpected adventures or sleeping in tents and motels. Backpacking is a life-changing experience where you could see the world as it is, as you meet people along the way from different parts of the world. You indulge in the culture of different people, and you get this feeling of being exhilarated with the fact that you are part of something greater than you.

Personally, backpacking has changed my views in life and the way I see people. Backpacking allows you to take a peek on the raw version of the world where advertisements and promos do not blind you from seeing the real world. Being a tourist is great, but with backpacking, I got to experience the world in a different way, where I have control of my own time, my itinerary, what I get to explore, where I get to sleep, and I just control everything else. The adrenaline you get when you are unsure of what to expect or what will happen next is a wonderful feeling, but of course, you do have to take calculated actions to ensure that you aren’t lost or be in a place of danger.

In my experience, backpacking becomes fun when you stop worrying too much, and you just let go. Backpacking may be a daunting activity for some, but to me, it feels like home. If you want to go backpacking, having multi-tools is a must, so here are a few of the best backpacking multi-tools I know:

Quick Answer - Best Backpacking Multi-Tool

  • Multi-tool B BURY
  • Victorinox Swiss Army​
  • Hikenture 4-in-1
  • Extra +: Emergency Survival Kit (Must Have For Every Hiker & Backpacker)​


leatherman multi tool for hiking
Durability 95%

When you go backpacking, you are going to need tools in case of emergency. Bringing a multipurpose tool with you is a great thing to do. Leatherman is one of the best multi-tools I could find. Leatherman is made of stainless steel, and it is also lightweight, which would be perfect for you to put in your pocket or backpack. This tool is manufactured in Portland, Oregon, and they offer a 25-year warranty. With this kind of warranty, you will surely feel sure that they are confident in their product that it will serve you well for your whole life. 

Leatherman has combo knives, bit driver, pliers, and many more. It may be lightweight and convenient, but it is strong enough to fix what you need because it is made to tackle hard jobs. Leatherman has seven tools in one. This tool has a knife, wire – cutters, a large exchangeable bit driver, carabiner, or a bottle opener and also includes an extra bit in the right corner. It has a long locking blade that will help you cut through things with confidence. With this tool, you wouldn’t have to put maximum effort in trying to use each too because you could use it using one hand, which is pretty convenient in a lot of situations. This tool weighs five ounces only, and it comes with a removable pocket so that you could use readily use it whenever and wherever. I mentioned a lot of pros to this product. The only cons I could think of for this product that it is not family-friendly. If you have kids, better keep this away or hide it in a spot they don’t know because the blades are very sharp. Overall, this is a great product to invest in.

Multi-tool B BURY

bbury multi-tool for hiking
Durability 80%

Ever seen a really cool tool that has so much in it, and it looks like something a ninja would probably use? Multi-tool B BURY is probably that or similar to that. This multi-tool has an astounding eighteen tools in one. It includes a pipe, saw, scale, file, needle nose pliers, file, grip pliers, cable cutter, bottle or can opener, screwdriver, and more. This tool has been made with great engineering to ensure that the quality and longevity of this product is guaranteed. It is made from hardened stainless steel that’s been heat-treated to make it very tough. It also fits comfortably in your hands as it has a 3D machined texture that gives you a non – slip grip to it. It also includes a ballistic nylon sheath. It has a panel that you could fold and has an integrating control panel. It comes with a belt holster, nylon sleeve with a belt clip so that you could carry it everywhere without losing it.

This multipurpose tool will greatly help you if you are going to sleep outside a use tents or if you are going fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities. In my opinion, this tool is the tool to use if you want to have a lot of variety in your tools to help you with your backpacking journey. In my experience, I’ve had lots of situations where I needed a lot of tools at hand, and Multitool B BURY gives you just that. Pro, it is handy because it contains a lot of tools in one, con, it isn’t as lightweight as the previous multi-tool. This multi-tool is a must if you are going to be on a backpacking adventure for a long time.

Victorinox Swiss Army

victorinox multi tool with scissors
Durability 80%

I think this tool is probably one of the classics since I’ve seen a lot of people use it, especially on survival shows, and I’ve also seen some people carry it around on camping or just on a normal day. This bad boy is manufactured in Switzerland, and they provide a lifetime guarantee against defects and workmanship. Who would’ve thought making a lifetime commitment would be so easy? Cool right. Victorinox Swiss Army features fifteen functions in one. It includes a 2.45 “blade, scissors, wood saw, screwdriver, bottle opener. When you are backpacking, you might want to fix a few things around, so this tool would be perfect if you want to do that and have a very small tool to store easily. You could bring it with you everywhere since it has a compact design which makes it ideal for those who want to store tools easily in their pockets.

You could even easily hold this with your mouth if you’re hands are full at the moment. It has a length of 3.6”, height is 0.8 and weighs 3.4 oz. The tools here are also made of Swiss stainless steel and are encased in polished ABS scales to provide you with sleek durability. You could also choose from various colors and styles you want. Even if you aren’t backpacking, you could carry this everywhere. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it is not heavy as well. In my experience, the blades have great pointy edges and can be resharpened easily. They also have a good snap to them when you pull them out. The only cons of this are it has fewer tools than the others, and it isn’t as heavy duty than some. However, this tool will never fail you with what it can do.

Hikenture 4-in-1

hikenture multi tool with spoon and fork
Durability 70%

In the previous items, I’ve focused more on the multi-tools that are for fixing, cutting, opening, and things you need for survival, but this one is different. Hikenture 4-in-1 is a multi-tool for eating utensils. Yep, that’s right. I’ve included this in my list of best backpacking multi-tools as well because if you’re traveling a lot everywhere, you wouldn’t really mind your utensils, and you’re probably going to lose one on your way. With this tool, you can have your utensils compiled in one. This tool includes a detachable spoon, fork, knife, and bottle opener. It is easy to carry around anywhere since it only weighs 5 oz and includes a nylon pouch for you to put it in to.

The manufacturers of this tool are confident in its durability and function as they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t like it or have trouble with it. I’m sure you probably wouldn’t because I haven’t so far. You can easily slip this tool in your pocket or bag as it is compact and lightweight. This tool is not only perfect for backpackers but also for campers, scouts, and anyone who is going on an outdoor adventure. This is really good because the utensils are in full size, and it will feel like you’ve just brought your normal utensils with you.

Some similar utensils may not offer full size, and it could be pretty annoying to eat with small spoons or forks, especially if you’re quite a hungry traveler. The only con to this is probably the fact that you’ll have to get your self-used to eating with something like this, and it might snap off if you do something extreme to it. Other than that, this tool is very functional and handy.

Extra +: Emergency Survival Kit (Must Have For Every Hiker & Backpacker)

multi tool pack
Usefulness 100%

Now, this multi-tool, this one is the absolute must-have for every backpacker. If you’re going on a really long trip or the one where survival is a must, then getting The Extra +: Emergency Survival Kit is a must for you. This multi-tool includes 47 pieces of a survival kit. Fun fact about this is that it’s been uniquely customized by U.S veterans who definitely screams serious business to me. This survival kit includes 28 pieces of emergency survival gears, 10 pieces of fishing tools, 16 pieces of medical supplies, and a 4 in 1 Molle EMT pouch to keep all your needs in.

This kit includes muols, tactical folding knife, fire starter, wire saw, tactical defense whistle, pen, compass, folding pliers, emergency blanket, flashlight (you can also check best hiking flashlight picked by me here), saber card, carabiner, bottle clip, a multi-function paracord bracelet and many more. The EMT bag is made of military-grade 1000MD nylon, which is highly durable, water-resistant, and portable. The bag has three large compartments and plenty of room for you to store your other vital survival tools. The MOLLE compatible straps have long snaps allow you to attach your medial IFAK pouch to any MOLLE compatible gear, and the belt is perfectly made for you to use in any outdoor activity. 

This offers top quality military survival kits and tools that will definitely help you a lot if you are going to be on a rigorous adventure and if you are going to be out and about in the wild. This kit is designed to help you with any emergency or high-risk situations. Going on backpacking may be fun, but sometimes it is dangerous, especially if you decide to do it more extremely, so if you are an enthusiast of things like that, you definitely should get one of these. The only con with this is that it isn’t as portable as the others since it does have a lot in store for you. It would be heavy and harder to travel with but, what is all that if you have a lot of tools with you to help you survive. This kit has helped me a lot with my backpacking trips, and I’m sure it will help you too.

Backpacking is such a wonderful activity; it will help you grow and discover not only the world and how things work around it, but it will also help you to discover yourself and find what you are capable of. If you are hesitating about trying to go on a backpacking trip, hear me out, you will probably not regret it as it will give you a lot of experiences you could grow from and probably tell your grandchildren or kids if ever you plan to have one.

With these tools, I listed for you, your backpacking journey will surely be a blast as these things would help you a lot on your voyage to discover the world and yourself. Enjoy the great outdoors and go on a lot of adventures as much as you can. Your adventures will give you stories you’ll remember for the rest of your life, so go on and do it.

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