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Are Trekking Poles Worth It?​

10 Reasons Why You Should Read This Before Hiking


Whether you are an adventure enthusiast or hiking expert, you need to have a supporting device that will keep your stand firm. A kind of tool that will literally guide your way across rivers, ice land, mountains, slopes, and flatlands is a must. With the advent of technology in this era, we can use different varieties of hiking poles along the trail. Are Trekking Poles Worth It? My article below will tell you the truth.

What Are Trekking Poles For

Trekking poles are sturdy flat runners with the delicate handle that can be used in any kind of hiking sessions. It can be in the form of a ski pole or hiking pole and can come with single or paired sticks. The grips can be made with or without foam.

The material can be aluminum or carbon-made. Some can be made heavier, while some are designed to be lightweight. Trekking poles can further differ in arm strength, durability, length, package capacity, and shock absorption. It is mainly divided into four types, and these are stable poles, folding poles, minimizing poles and compound poles.

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Trekking Poles In Your Hiking

There are lots of reasons to add trekking poles in your bag. You can almost use it in any trekking situation. When there is a plant that you should avoid like poison ivy, you can just set it aside and go back into your way. If the time comes that you need to have a stopover, you can always use your hiking pole to wedge your small tent. Apart from these, there are still a lot of benefits and situations when you can use them, and these include:

  1. Improved Balance and Stability Throughout The Trek

Whenever you have a bunch of heavy backpacks, you can still reach a great equilibrium since the pairs of trekking poles convert the weight from your back towards the front. Having so, you can readily take your stand firm in any circumstances.

  1. Great Assistance when Crossing Rivers and Frozen Stream

Whether it is a sunny day or wintertime, using pairs of hiking pole can prevent you from sliding from slippery stones and glassy rivers. You can also use it to estimate the depth of the river so as to decipher your way in.

  1. Boost Interest and Walk Ability

If you are already exhausted during the trek, you can always gain energy and rest time by using the hiking poles. It seamlessly removes any fatigue and stress in your leg muscle.

  1. Prevent Obtaining Strain and Blisters

With the support of a trekking pole, you can at least transfer some of your body’s weight into your shoulders. In that case, your joints won’t suffer all the heaviness and preventing any sores and pain.

  1. Aid Emergency Situations

Along the trail, some of our companions might get hurt badly. When this happens, you can use the pole to bandage a broken bone. It can also be used to support any sprained joints.

  1. Supports all around Camp Task

Since it is handy and rigid, you can customize the hiking pole into a hanger-like structure wherein you can accommodate wet clothes, bags, and other trekking equipment.

  1. Protecting any Hunter from Venomous Animals

Forest and desert are hosts to wild animals like snake, scorpions, wild boar, and poisonous frogs that can harm you anytime. However, by the use of trekking poles, you can immediately see these organisms, whether they are on your way, in the trees, or even under river water. If you already found out their hiding place, you can always have your way out before they try to sting or bite you.

  1. Sending off scrubs and branches out of the way

Apart from animals, there are lots of plants and vegetation all around the forest. To avoid them causing any harm, you use your trekking poles to strike them out of your way.

  1. Define Sketchy Rocks and Anchor Points

When you are into the rocky-road trail, hiking poles are very helpful. You can use it to check your next step if it is worth proceeding. This is a way where you can push the stone or ground to test if it can withstand your weight.

  1. Facilitate Climbing and Excavating Process

Trekking poles are obviously very helpful in terms of giving support and strength. Hiking into steeps and ravine is easier with the presence of an adjustable and sturdy walking support.

So what is the answer to the topic question: Are Trekking Poles Worth It? In my personal opinion totally worth it! I was pretty surprised when I bought the first one and go for a full day hike. With trekking poles hiking is more like total body training engaging more muscles in your body. I realize that I can go faster with less effort putting in. Im really interested what is your opinion about this part wo hiking gear. Let me know in comment section.

Trekking poles are one of the cheapest position on your gear list. I create article about best trekking poles on a budget, where you can find solid poles under 30 $.

Thanks for your time. I hope now your hiking will be more effective and enjoyable.


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