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The same as building your hiking ability starts with fundaments it means your physical and mental preparation. If you have both then you can start thinking about reaching the peaks. However naked hiker could not achieve anything in difficult conditions on high altitude and long trails. We like it or not hiking activity is inseparably connected with the right equipment. So often your health depends on your preparation, sometimes it’s even matter of life and death.

Crucial elements of your gear are well fitted, best hiking shoes. Thermic comfort of your feet, protection for protruding rocks and proper shape for your individual needs – those are things to consider when looking for trekking shoes. For ex. when you have, as me – those flat feet issue (often comes with over pronation) then you can check my hiking shoes for flat feet recommendations. Over pronation could affects your whole body because what is starting on the bottom, has influence on everything what is higher (knees, hips and spine)

Sometimes shape of your feet could cause painful blisters, when you use inappropriate shoes. When you have wider front part of your feet than you will probably need some hiking  shoes with wide toe box.

Another very important part of every hiker gear are trekking poles. If you want to be faster on the trail, engage whole body, activate more muscle units and burn more calories, than do not hesitate, to check my recommendations. Believe me – your knees will thank you 1000 times. I bet that you don’t want meet bear during hiking. Trekking poles could inform your hairy friend that you are coming, so you will not surprise him, which is the key to protect yourself.

Independently from trail demanding you have to remember about one very important thing – hydration. Adequate amount of water in your backpack should be carried always – with no excuses.  Of course you can carry a bottle of mineral water, but also you can take special hiking water bottle with filter which allows you to take water from the spring on the trail.

Another must have is backpacking multi tool which could help you in demanding situations like when you have to cut something, repair some gear on the trail, or sharpen a stick for a fire.

Weather in mountains changes from minute to minute and this is why you have to be prepared for any conditions – you don’t want to end with frostbites, so you have to protect your distal parts – hands in particular. Right hiking gloves will let you enjoy trail, and grasp securely every surface.

Sometimes you plan your trip but the conditions are much more difficult and the trail which has to be 5 hours turns to 10 hours. Keeping in mind that possibility on your checklist should be some good hiking flashlight. There are models which are floating on the water surface, the ones which are rechargeable by hand dynamo or with solar power.

Astonishing landscape viewed when you are on the peak is something what you probably want immortalize. Some trail are so exciting that I often wish my friends to be in that place with me, but sometimes it’s impossible. This is why even simple hiking camera on a budget could do the job. Recording my struggle, editing work and watching the final effect – that causes emotions to reappear.

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